About Aurora

For my 16th birthday, my Aunty gifted me a Journal: a gorgeous brown leather, hard-cover journal.

Inscribed on the front was "The Encyclopedia of Aurora :1st edition"


"Encyclopedia”. Such a big word that I had rarely encountered before.

I did a quick Google search and Cambridge dictionary informed me that it was "a book, or set of books containing many articles arranged in alphabetic order that deal with the whole of human knowledge or with a particular part of it".


I knew I'd never be organised enough to order things alphabetically but I saw an opportunity to explore human knowledge through my experiences and understanding.

These pages hold 7 years of entries and reflections of anxiety...love...hope…dreams…grief…gratitude…poetry…songs and awful illustrations.


I'm down to the last few pages and it's bitter sweet.


This Blog serves as an extension to that book of expression. A space for reflection, conversations and art. A place to relate, disagree and maybe inspire.

Here you'll find Journal entries, Poetry, Podcasts and more.


Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Aurora.