Moon Talk

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I used to cry to the full moon

Gaze upon her curved body with eyes that held the ocean

Let me be with you

I am not native to this planet

This pain

This heartache


The moon

Hung in her grace like a pearl pendant against ebony skin

Smiled solemnly

And spoke to my heart secrets of the universe

You and I are the same

We come from star dust

Moulded into forms of wonder

This planet

This pain

This heartache

Is part of you

But only a half truth

What lies beyond that pain

Is what makes it all worth it

So look deeper

And as she spoke her final words

The dark nights dreary clouds, sailed across her celestial being

A phrase left chiming in my mind

Look deeper

So deeper I went into the places the light didn't touch

But awareness is light

And I found that grief is only joy masked by ignorance

And ignorance is a temporary disguise

A story we were taught to believe in

Question the narrative and the story changes

And with that I kissed the moon goodbye

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