When Country Calls

Updated: Sep 4, 2020


I feel something shift

Like wind swept sands

Like changing tides

Like the colour of red rocks as the sun falls behind the horizon


It starts with a restless feeling that I can't quite shake

Somethings missing in my life that I can’t quite place

I take a deep breath

Try and centre myself

Then resign to the fact that I don’t feel like myself

These buildings are too tall

This air is too thick

I search for meaning amongst this steel, concrete and brick

But sacred spaces are replaced with material wastelands

And leave but small plaques to commemorate the history that lay there

We grow our economy and kill our trees

I weep for the land infected with this capitalist disease


I call back

I scream and shout in hopes she can hear that

A child left disconnected

Is piecing together the pieces

To reveal the bigger picture

Of her ancestors dreaming

A constant search

A restless feeling

Appeased for a while until I can no longer lie to myself


I close my eyes and turn towards the sun

I see the ranges

I feel the heat

I hear the language that my tongue is yet to greet

I see my family

They smile

My spine is strengthened by a lineage as old as time

I open my eyes and am encountered by the familiar sight of Brisbane city. I check my bank account, it reads $2.50. Flights returned to Alice springs are $860. I gaze down at my feet, they resemble my dads, wide, flat, black, cracked. I wonder if I could walk the distance. Maybe not. I take a deep breathe, cast my worries to the wind and give my future to fate. For WHEN COUNTRY CALLS I know someday soon we will meet.

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